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Product name: D-Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride
It can be used in pharmaceutical industry in the adjuvant therapy of rheumatic arthritis, heart disease, pneumonia, and fracture. It functions as one of the important components in producing contact lenses and bifidobacterium culture medium. It can regulate central nervous system and reduce allergic symptoms.

Quality standard:


  Standard (enterprise) Standard (United States Pharmacopeia)
Properties White crystal without black dot, with good fluidity ——
Specific rotation +49 ° —+54 ° +50 ° —+52 °
PH value (5% aqueous solution, 20 ℃) 3.5—5.0 3.0—5.0
Iron ion ≤ 10PPM ——
Heavy metal ≤ 10PPM ≤ 10PPM
Drying loss ≤ 0.5% ≤ 1.0%
Content 99.0%—105.0% 98.0%-102.0% (as dry basis)
Ignition residue 26.5—29.8% 27.0—29.0%
Chloride 11.1—12.3% ——
Sulfate —— 15.5%-16.5%
Organic volatile impurities —— Meets requirements
Bacteriological examination
Total bacterial count
Saccharomycetes and mould
Escherichia coli
Not detectable
Not detectable
Packing and storage The product shall be kept in tightly sealed and shading container
Period of validity Two years

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